We Prioritize Your Safety

Everyone's life is filled with ups and downs. Now, the world as a whole is facing a great challenge in the form of a pandemic, COVID-19. It is essential for everyone to stay safe and healthy. It is a social responsibility of ourselves as well as you, our guests, to do our part in keeping the pestilence at bay.

We at Hotel Le Grande are open again to serve you, with strict adherence to safety protocols. We have redoubled our safety and cleanliness measures and have made it our priority to keep our premises a stress free environment for you to stay, conduct your events or simply layback and relax. We have been following the developments from various health agencies like WHO, and complying with the Indian Govt's advisories to ensure everyone's safety. Some of the rigorous steps we have undertaken include,
  • We have separate entrances for guests and staff. This is done to minimise interaction, prevent overcrowding and to help in maintaining social distancing.
  • All our staff are mandated to wear masks when they are in the common area and while interacting with guests.
  • We sanitize and cold-fog our premises every one hour to maintain the highest cleanliness standards.
  • Sanitizers are placed in every turn of the property for guests to use.
  • We only require your ID's Xerox for the check-in process. We carry out your check-in process digitally, without your involvement.
  • All the baggage of guests are sanitized before they're taken into our premises.
  • We have a Pulse Oximeter at our hotel to measure the oxygen level in the blood, in case guests are facing breathing issues.
Fighting against this COVID-19 pandemic is a two way job. We implore you to follow these rules so that we can serve you better.
  • Sanitizers are placed in the entrance of the property. It is mandatory for guests to use them before coming inside the premises.
  • A mandatory temperature check is taken at the entrance before the guests could enter. Only if it is within the govt recommended range, entry is allowed.
  • Masks are compulsory for guests in common area. Entry without mask is prohibited.